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dah lama dah ak tak mngaktifkan diri ak ngan blog3 bagai firstly ak nak bgtau dah bnyak bnar pekara belaku hingga ak sndiri pown taktau nk citer ak ringkaskan je la...

- maser cuti sem aritu ak abiskan masa ak ngan menolong abg wan ak kat kedai dia..ala cnang je...p goreng2 ayam dri kul 0530 until 0730 mlam kot n then dpat la 10 hinggit...masyukla tu dripada ak mmbuang masa kat umah tgok cerita CINTA KIRANA ak lebey ske kluar p kedai..hheheh...

n duit ak keje seminggu ak beli dvd korea.....sbb ak ske heroin yg brlakon lam cerita tue...jap2 tajuk cerita tu. TAKE OF THE YOUNG LADY kalo x clap arr.....comel sgat pompuan tue..nama dia YOON EUN HYE ataupon bleh pnggil YEH... sblum nie dia blakon lam PRINCESS HOUR, THE MAN IN VINEYARD n pling glamour plus hot COFFEE PRINCE....i lioke!kalau movie lak dia ader brlakon lam THE LEGEND OF SEVEN CUTTER n terbaru LOVE SONG!!!!..

NIE la antara gmbar c dia....YEH WARRIOR!!!..



chomel xx??

nie pown chomel!!



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selain tue dia nie kat luar mrupakan model, pelukis dan jugak penyanyi...very talented gurl...

so kat bwah nie random fact amik dari

1. Her birthday is 3rd October 1984, The Year of The Rat/Mouse
2. Eunhye means Grace, Benefit, Kindness, Blessing (Seperately, Eun = Silver and Hye = Day)
3. Yoon Eunhye’s known nicknames - So Nyeo Jang Sa (Young Girl Warrior), Sleep-talker, Pooh, Venus, Epitome/Goddess of Beauty
4. Yoon Eunhye is 168 cm. tall but still always wears kill-heels
5. She is a strong religious Christian Protestant.
6. Yoon Eunhye is a fan of Big Bang and 2ne1
7. Her younger brother, Bansuk/Banseok, is known to be a close friend of Big Bang’s TOP
8. Yoon Eunhye won awards for all 4 of her dramas. And arguably 3 out of 4 are big hits.
9. Before her debut with BabyVOX, YEH has never had any formal training in singing, dancing nor acting. She has something rare called “Raw Talent“
10. She has been in the entertainment industry for more than a decade now (debuting in 1999)
11. Although she debuted during her schools years, Yoon Eun Hye managed to graduate with good scores without even a deferred year.
12. If you look back to what she has done so far, you can see that she is an artist, singer, dancer, model, actress, designer, composer, spokesperson and businesswoman
13. She has been said to be an ideal girl of many men including Lee MinkiKim Jong KookU-kiss Eli and composer Yoon Jong Shin before he got married.
14. Her BabyVOX leader Kim EZ used to say in a show that Yoon Eunhye was like an ajumma (auntie) in BBV, because she’s so caring about other members esp. when there are anti comments.
15. She is a dog lovers and the proud owner of a female white Maltese – Kkomeng
16. She loves kids ^^
17. Yoon Eun Hye’s nose is quite popular among those who want to undergo plastic surgery (along with Han Ga In’s nose)
18. Yoon Eunhye is the muse of famous designer Son Jung Wan
19. She doesn’t like flowers coz she feel bad when she has to throw it away when it wilts. The only flower she likes is Freesia because it’s her mother’s favorite flower.
20. Her favorite movie is Eternal Sunshine of Spotless Mind (2004)
21. Her favorite American celebs are Jason MrazJosh Harnett and Justin Timberlake
22. Her ideal man was MC Yoo Jae Suk, while her idol crush was Shinwha's Eric
23. Yoon Eun Hye said once that she enjoys drinking “Bomb-shot” (Soju + Beer)
(But I guess she can't drink a lot lately coz of her illness - look at no.28)
24. Her audition at DR Music wasn’t that great but thanks to a punch to the wall that got YEH into Baby VOX at the first place ^^
25. Her lips rank first in female department in M-net Poll “'Stars' lips you want to steal” And second to all, only next to 2PM's Nichkhun.
26. Her best assets are also including her luxurious shoulders, collar bones and long legs.
27. Yoon Eun Hye has never once lost in wrestling matches in X-man even when she’s going against the opposite gender as strong as Kang Ho Dong or Koo Jun Yup! However, she claims to have not once won an arm wrestling match before!
28. Yoon Eunhye is also diagnosed with Pernicious Anemia. Which cause her to bruise very easily T^T
29. Yoon Eunhye’s favourite color is Pink and Purple
30. Yoon Eunhye’s motto is “Live with Passion"
31. After her contract with Kraze Entertainment expired, Yoon Eunhye settled her own management company along with her long-time manager, Park Geun-Soo (Peter Park). The company name is “The House
32. One of her non-celebrity Best Friends is Park Kyoi (Erin Park) who is also her Photo Manager and work closely with her
(and get to hold her hands… How can I replace this photo manager? LOL)
33. Many are always curious about her imperfect crooked teeth, Yoon Eunhye revealed in an interview that when she was young she wore a retainer, but she got annoyed with it because not only was it painful, but she also couldn’t eat, let alone talk properly. So one day she had enough of it, and she took them out of her mouth, chucked it on the ground and stamped on in until it broke. Seem like our girl is a feisty one ^^;
34. During a show, a palmist read her palms and said that she will be a good wife and a very wise mother.
35. LG Twin Pitcher Woo Gyu Min is her elementary school classmate. Actually, he’s her class leader who used to call her “Teacher’s pet”. He wrote a letter to her to apologize and ask if she still remember him.
36. When guesting in Gong Yoo’s Military radio on 2008 Christmas Special, Yoon Eunhye revealed she couldn’t recall any typical Christmas memory. All she remembers are work, work, WORK!
37. Another Yoon Eunhye’s crush is singer Yoo Seung Jin. However, he is now married. So calm down, fanboys! You still got a chance! 
38. One of her most cherish belongings is the ring that carved all 5 BabyVOX members’ names – EZ, Eun Jin, Hee Jin, Mi Yeon and Eun Hye.
39. Yoon Eun Hye was in charge of all the artworks – drawings, paintings and designing of all 4 dramas. Yes, the Latte Art in Coffee Prince are her works as well.
40. After the tragic Tsunami calamity in 2004, Yoon Eunhye, together with her fellow BabyVOX members, came to help the victims in Thailand.
41. Swarovski had given Yoon Eun Hye a special item in Daniel Swarovski 20th Anniversary event. It was the personally custom-made ‘Swarovski Nirvanna Yoon Eun Hye Ring’, where there is solely one of its kinds in the whole world. She was given not only one, but a set of 5 different colored crystal rings, consisting of black, green, purple and so forth.
42. Yoon Eunhye’s official fanclub is “Neri”. Neri is the Christian term meaning “Light”. Her father was the one who came up with this name.
43. However, besides being Neri, Yoon Eunhye’s fans also call themselves “Yoon Eun Hye’s Warriors
44. During her 2 years break, Yoon Eunhye was given more than 100 movies and dramas scripts which she has read it all.
45. In Happy Together Summer Special : My Fair Lady cast (2009), it was revealed that Yoon Eunhye’s father opens a rice cake shop.
46. When she was younger, Yoon Eun Hye has donated her money to charity. The amount was not big but consistent. And she has never broadcasted her charity event in public.
47. As soon as Yoon Eunhye was born, people kept telling her mother that she should try out for Miss Korea. So from the age of 5, the little Eunhye only watched Pageant Queen Shows. 
48. Her favorite foods are all ‘foods that you know very well don’t benefit your body but can’t give up’. Bread, chocolate, ice cream, black bean noodles, pizza, tteokbokki. She added “I think to myself that I mustn’t eat it but when the food is put in front of me, I eat it without a second thought.”
49. Yoon Eunhye has been the co-designer for all 4 seasons of 2009 JoinUs Collection.
50. (to be confirmed) Yoon Eunhye has a total of 15 piercing, 7 on each ears and another one at her belly button.

{Credit : Viola501 @ if taken any parts or whole out of this site}
*Randomly arranged*
51. Yoon Eunhye took an exam for High School Admission. Even though she passed the exam, Eunhye was not accepted by the principle because of her “Celebrity” status. (You know how having an idol in school effect other students and so forth) she was told to leave and go for a different one. Yoon Eunhye cried really hard with this.
However! The principal accepted her later, but with much reluctance. Because Eunhye appeared in a show that let one say anything they want to anyone, and she asked the principal to not chase her away just because she’s an idol. She said she didn’t want to be absent from school, and she wanted to be a good student.
52. Her mom and dad got married after they already have the baby Eunhye because of their parents’ objection. Her grandparents didn’t approve of the marriage until the birth of Eunhye and her dongsaeng Bansuk.
53. Yoon Eunhye said she want to have a love life like her parents. She would want her husband to promise to hold their hands when they sleep no matter how upset they are with each other, so they would recall their good time and make up faster ^^
54. According to actress Kim Ji Woo (1% of Something), who came to know Eun Hye through the recording of SBS TV ‘Beautiful Sunday’ Singapore episode, Yoon Eun Hye is a reading fanatic. Ji Woo was amazed by her exhaustive knowledge and commanding vocabulary. When they were talking about books there doesn’t seem to be a book Eunhye hasn’t read.
55. Yoon Eunhye was originally casted in Que Sera Sera and Capital Scandal. However, due to 8peak’s wanting her to star in their self-produced drama, they forced her out of signing the casting contract. With these 2 incidents, Eunhye suffered immense stress and was nearly admitted into hospital.
56. Shortly after, Eunhye decided that enough was enough and split up with 8peaks after she signed on to star in the drama that made 2007’s summer – Coffee Prince as the unforgettable and lovable Go Eun Chan
57. Yoon Eun Hye revealed that she was at her thinnest (lightest weight) during the filming of Coffee Prince, partially due to the fact that it’s the beginning of her diagnose with Pernicious Anemia.
58. In her debut Snack Food (Cracker) CF, Yoon Eun Hye appeared together with actor Ryu Hyun Kyung. She was scouted through random street casting and worked as a magazine model until she became a member of Baby V.O.X.
59. Additionally, Eun Hye’s parents asked her to choose between either continuing her major in Fine Arts or becoming a permanent member of Baby V.O.X.
After crying non-stop for a whole day, Yoon Eun Hye made up her mind, saying, “There’s always a chance I can make art as my hobby” marking her decision in joining Baby V.O.X.
60. In those days, unlike the cute concept of S.E.S. and FinKL, Baby V.O.X was going strong with their sexy concept, which did not fair well will with Yoon Eun Hye, the “under-aged maknae”, and hence Yoon Eun Hye was denied the opportunity to appeal to the mass audience.
61. For a specific boxing scene in her debut movie “Escaping Charisma”. Eunhye had to learn boxing. But for a load that would normally take a good week to learn, Yoon Eun Hye had mastered it within 2 hours. Her athleticism was so remarkable that the boxing coach had even suggested she consider a career in professional boxing. 
62. Yoon Eun Hye can drink the maximum of 9 bottles of Soju (O.O)
63. On the contrary, it takes her father a month to drink a bottle of beer. (>_<)
64. Yoon Eun Hye’s random habit when she’s drunk is phoning people.
65. Yoon Eun Hye’s name was mentioned in the “Thanks to” page in one of boy band Click-B’s albums. And she even attended their concert.
66. Her name has always been mentioned as one of the top 5 prettiest Korean entertainer without makeup, voted by the industry’s makeup artists in South Korea.
67. There are different types of women’s sexiness. (for me) Yoon Eun Hye can be sexy without looking dirty or trashy. She’s one of those rare celebs who can wear skimpy clothes and all, yet able to maintain her wholesome image.
68. Eunhye was going to play the role of Lee Seo Jung (played by Lee Ji Ah) in the SBS weekend drama “Style”!!
According to an interview, the scriptwriter for “Style” revealed that Yoon Eun Hye was the top choice for the role, and YEH was considering “Style” if the broadcasting of KBS “My Fair Lady” had been pushed to the following year.
69. Yoon Eun Hye said she has never fallen for younger men. She prefers the older partner who will be able to guide and lead her.
70. The food Eunhye will never fed up with although she has to eat it for a month is bread and pastry.

71. Yoon Eun Hye and Kan Mi Youn (fellow BBV member) have been in a very close relationship. In one of Baby Vox program, Miyoun introduced her father, then she pointed at Eunhye saying “Youngest daughter!” then Miyoun’s father said “Correct!” ^o^
72. Added to her artistic skill shown in dramas is the mural painting of the exterior of a kindergarten. It’s a scene in her latest drama “My Fair Lady” Yoon Eun Hye prepared a lot for the scene. She prepared the paints and painted a lot of the base decorations like the butterflies and the trees, and came up with the idea that the children should stamp on their hand-prints as leaves for the trees.
73. While having dispute with her former management company (8peaks) and filming MBC drama “Coffee Prince” at the same time, Yoon Eun Hye didn’t get paid properly (the entertainers’ remuneration is normally paid via their agency) so she had to pay all her crews and assistants with her very own money from her very own pocket. When MBC found out, they made sure to pay her remuneration directly to her, not via her agency, and they even helped her out by raising her performing fee per episode (even higher than Gong Yoo, her co-star and senior in acting)
74. In the late 2009, the sales of red hair dye are way up in Korea, up to 161% over last year. Some attribute this to Yoon Eun Hye’s red hairstyle in My Fair Lady. Yoon Eun Hye continues to be a trendsetter as women, young and old alike, try to imitate her style.
This follows up the Coffee Prince craze of short hair cuts that both the public and celebrities embraced.
75. Yoon Eun Hye suffered in a hand of a Baby V.O.X. detractor who believed to be a passionate H.O.T. fan. The anti attacked the girl with a water gun by pretending to be a fan. He acted as if he wanted to give her a Pikachu soft toy as a present but when he got close enough, he pulled out his water gun and squirted a nasty combination of soy sauce and vinegar into the unsuspecting Eunhye’s eye. After being shot, Yoon Eun Hye expressed severe pain and could not open her eyes for a long time. Baby V.O.X. had to cancel their performance and headed straight to the hospital where she was treated in emergency. The hospital informed that her cornea was damaged. And she had to perform with an eye patch for months.
The anti was later arrested but Eunhye refused to press the charge. (She’s damn too nice! I’m telling ya!) It was later revealed that the real target was her fellow band mate Kan Mi Youn who, at that time, was dating H.O.T.’s Moon Hee Jun
76. At the tender age of 14-15, Yoon Eun Hye debuted as the youngest and the last member to join the girl group “Baby VOX”. Possessing a bright and child-like personality, she quickly gained the recognition of being tagged as the “cute” one among the group.
77. Yoon Eun Hye wrote the lyric of the song “To Angel” which was included in Baby VOX fifth album “Boyish Story
78. Yoon Eun Hye’s agency had received the invitation for her to act in the movie “Slam Dunk”. Unfortunately, Eunhye decided to focus her project in her home country which later become the hottest issue of 2007 summer “Coffee Prince”
79. Yoon Eun Hye’s role model is Kim Sun Ah (My name is Kim Sam Soon)
80. One of her major sponsor is Samsung.

81. Besides her music career with the idol group BabyVOX. Eunhye also featured in Mighty Mouth debut song “Saranghae”, sang a duet “Salad Song” with Lee Dong Gun for Samsung’s Zipel CF and another new jingle for Zipel Kimchi fridge CF she starred with Lee Seung Gi.
82. Added to the list, she also sang 2 tracks of her drama “My Fair Lady” OST. Which are “Dash Girl” and “Romance”. The latter was a duet with her lead co-star Yoon Sang Hyun.
83. She also rapped in a specific part in her solo song “Dash Girl”
84. The famous neighbors living in the same mansion with her are Chae jung Ahn and Lee Hyori.
85. Yoon Eun Hye always likes big earrings.
86. She collects hats and bags.
87. One of Yoon Eun Hye’s comeliness since her debut is her round big eyes.
88. Yoon Eun Hye had an unusual large number of antis during Goong time. Most of which are the manhwa fans who’re unhappy for the PD Hwang Im Roe ’s decision of casting her as Shin Chae Gyung.
89. The antis bombarded her cyworld minihompy with harsh words that she ultimately had to take it down. Eunhye was thinking of giving up the role but it’s her BabyVOX onni, Shim Eunjin that encourage her by saying she shouldn’t let the haters get what they want. And she should prove her ability to them.
The rest, we may say, is history.
90. After Eunhye has proven herself with her debut drama “Goong”, the antis turned fans/supporters has left apologizing messages on her minihompy later on. [Tsk Tsk!]
91. Yoon Eun Hye’s biggest fear is snakes.
92. Yoon Eun Hye and Jewelry's Seo In Young are best friend. Eunhye has personally made a hand-made jean pants for her as a gift. And Inyoung prepared a lunch box for her during the filming of Ya Shim Man Man.
93. Yoon Eun Hye made an appearance in DBSK’s Wrong Number MV...... ok, I’m just joking with this one hehehe. (Don't hit me) I just think that the girl in the MV look so much like Eunhye from her Vivien CF

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94. Yoon Eunhye’s first love is her class leader during elementary school. He is also the one that pitcher Woo Gyu Min was jealous of.
95. Yoon Eunhye has done her share of the work for The House Company so far by planning the company and designing the interior of the office and creating the company’s official logo and name cards.
96. She has never once expressed her hardship to her parents, so they won’t be too worried about her.
97. Although there are many who thought she is unaffected and laid back, Yoon Eunhye actually can get hurt over minor matters easily.
98. Recently, Eunhye does some knitting as a hobby.
99. Her favorite member in 2ne1 is Gong Min Ji as Eunhye said “She is a very charismatic person”
100. In her latest 2009 Birthday Fanmeet, a fan asked Eunhye to read the message board and to keep a note of the words of encouragement as well as the words of criticism, to which YEH answered:
“I am constantly checking up on the message boards and forums and take in all your words of support and constructive criticism.” She also added, “I appreciate you fighting for me, and it makes me smile when I read your witty comments, but as much as I appreciate it and thank you for taking my side, I don’t want you all to get hurt in the process too, so take it all in strides.”
101. Yoon Eun Hye bought 112 pairs of shoes (Puma sneakers) in total for the entire crew of My Fair Lady! The gift is a show of appreciation for their hard work. After filming for My Fair Lady wrapped up, Yoon Eun Hye handed out the shoes and greeted each crew member personally
102. Yoon Eun Eye is the person who is hard to befriend at first, as she is rather collective, but very loyal and loving once you become friends
103. Recently, she has worked with idol group 2PM for Cass Beer Endorsement.
104. Another idol she works with is SS501’s Kim Hyun Joong for Basic House brand. They also participated in charity project together.
105. Yoon Eun Hye is the true CF Queen. Not by the quantity of many CFs, but by quality. With her as the endorser, Amore Ryeo herbal hair shampoo profit in 2009 went up by 142%Samsung Zipel refrigerator that was designed by herself also increase in more than double profit years after years
Plus! JoinUs and Basic House cloth lines still not letting go of her even though she’s the spokesperson for them for many years already. (and even become their co-designer!)
Yoon Eun Hye certainly has the Midas touch, also known by fans as the YEH Effect 

ok...that all 4 now...nti cnang2 pree2 ak update lg ilusisoksek ak nie...babai...enjoice oliday!!!

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